Cliffs of Scotland

Our first trip outside the United States and the official start to our long term travel was to the beautiful country of Scotland. Surprisingly, I was not that excited about traveling to Scotland. I think I was too terrified and too worried about what to pack, that I neglected to do any research on, Read More

Mural in Cincinnati

Karl and I both grew up in suburban Cincinnati. Cincinnati is known for its strong catholic and German influences. As a kid, I remember eating goetta and going to October Fest. As I grew up I also remember wanting to move away from the city as quick as possible; feeling like there were bigger, Read More

New Orleans

Before we set sail for our international adventure, The Audacious Duo departed on a road trip to The American South. I had been to The South before but never had enough time to explore and learn about the area until now. Our goal was to meet our Colorado friends in New Orleans and to, Read More