Sacred Space while traveling

Travel can be overwhelming. You’re out of your normal routine, jet lag wears you down and the airlines don’t make it easy for us. It can be very hard to maintain balance and a sense of peace. Our last blog post was about Taming the Ugly Ego and the fact that it rears it’s, Read More

Ugly Ego Australia

The ugly ego!! It rears it’s ugly head in and out of our lives and never gives up!!  The ego reminds me of the time we witnessed a traditional Spanish bullfight. During the course of the fight, the bull was impaled in the middle of his back by multiple banderillas (barbed sticks). At one, Read More

Traveling is a privilege

Ahhh….how we love India and Sri Lanka. The people are incredible, the food is delicious, and the culture is vibrant. However, these countries are just as challenging as they are beautiful. It’s not always easy traveling long-term and some countries are tougher to travel to than others. During this trip, we learned that traveling, Read More