About Us

We are Karl & Leah!! We’ve been together since July of 2010 and have been traveling since June of 2017. We met in the beautiful state of Colorado and spend our time together hiking, biking, swimming, snowboarding and spending as much time as we can outside.

Leah is a “retired” Occupational Therapist and now a yoga instructor. Karl is a “retired” bank manager and thoroughly enjoys the outdoors. We’re both free spirits and have always had the urge to travel and to learn about ourselves and new cultures.

Before we left on this trip, Leah was driving home from her exhausting job and heard an interview with a couple who had a blog, called Honey Trek. The couple from Honey Trek spent an entire year traveling for their honey moon. Leah was very intrigued and looked up their blog. She was immediately hooked!!

Each year, we found it very frustrating trying to squeeze in all of the places we wanted to visit into a 2-3 week window. At the same time, we were tired of working for corporate America and thought there has to be more to life than working the same old routine week after week.

We decided to quit talking about it and to make it happen. We spent the next 15 months of our lives saving, studying, reading, blogging and saving some more and were finally able to make our dream come true!!

You can check out one of our first blog posts on our Ways To Save for a Life of Travel about how we made it happen.

Life has never been better and each day is a new experience. Thanks for following along and we hope to inspire you to do the same!! Life is too short to keep doing things you hate. We hope to see you on the road!!

We’ve always been homesick for the places we’ve never been. 

Karl & Leah (The Audacious Duo)