Reasons to love Madrid

We’ve been in Spain for three weeks and it feels very different. In fact, it feels more different than any other country I’ve ever been to. We started in San Sebastian and have spent the majority of our time in Madrid. Madrid has surpassed all of our wildest dreams and has been incredible so far. Madrid is an underrated city especially when it gets compared to its rival city, Barcelona. To us, Madrid feels like home. Here’s seven reasons to love Madrid:  Read More

Finding peace

It’s not easy quitting your job for a life of travel. When you’re not on the road, it’s easy to have a routine and do things that are familiar. Life while traveling long term is very different. It has taken me many months before I felt comfortable with this mobile lifestyle. I’m still working on it but finding peace in the French countryside was not something I had expected to happen. Read More

audacious duo workaway experience in france

This is a story of the six ways I learned to surrender on our first Workaway experience in France. In today’s society surrendering can sometimes be perceived at weakness. I believe the opposite to be true. It requires courage to let go of old thought patterns or ways of being. While in France, I learned to relinquish old beliefs; beliefs that no longer serve me and ones that will NOT help us as we journey to find our place in the world. Read More

Hut Hike gleckstein hut

When we started the hut hike in the Swiss Alps it was cold, rainy and foggy. A lot like the ending of the Eiger trail, which was Part One in this series of hikes (Check out our Eiger Trail adventure here). However, this time I had fresh legs and one Swiss mountain under my belt already. The Eiger trail was quite the adventure but the hut hike would prove to be even better.  Read More

Hiking in the Swiss Alps

It doesn’t get much better than hiking in the Swiss Alps!! The month before we left for Switzerland, we spent most of our time visiting with our family and friends in Cincinnati. I enjoyed our family time and I tried staying in shape by doing a lot of yoga but I did ZERO cardiovascular activities like hiking or running. Needless to say, I am out of shape and hiking in the Swiss Alps is no joke. Day one in Switzerland didn’t go as expected but then again we’re traveling around the globe for the adventures and this was definitely an adventure. Read More

Les Calanques Sormiou trip to europe

Karl and I just finished traveling through Europe with Karl’s family. We visited some of the same countries I visited twelve years ago during a six week “backpacking” trip I took with a friend. This trip brought back good memories; ones in which I hadn’t thought about in a long time. At the same time, it reminded me how naive I was in my 20’s and how traveling to the same places in my 30’s was so different than in my 20’s. Switzerland is still stunningly beautiful, the Germans still drink a lot of beer and the French still make the best food! But what has changed is me. Read More

Cliffs of Scotland

Our first trip outside the United States and the official start to our long term travel was to the beautiful country of Scotland. Surprisingly, I was not that excited about traveling to Scotland. I think I was too terrified and too worried about what to pack, that I neglected to do any research on the country we were heading to first. I was scared about leaving my home country and becoming a tourist and ultimately an outsider for a very long time. Prior to leaving I didn’t even look at one picture of the lush, green, hilly countryside that would be our home for the next five days. I would soon find out what Scotland had to offer. I would learn four valuable lessons over the next five days on our bus tour through the Highlands. Here are the four things I learned: Read More

Mural in Cincinnati

Karl and I both grew up in suburban Cincinnati. Cincinnati is known for its strong catholic and German influences. As a kid, I remember eating goetta and going to October Fest. As I grew up I also remember wanting to move away from the city as quick as possible; feeling like there were bigger and better cities to explore. Read More

New Orleans

Before we set sail for our international adventure, The Audacious Duo departed on a road trip to The American South. I had been to The South before but never had enough time to explore and learn about the area until now. Our goal was to meet our Colorado friends in New Orleans and to see some friends and family along the way. What we didn’t realize was how fantastic the food was and how hospitable the people would be. Read More

Camping in Zion National Park

There is more to life than the stuff we own. It’s kind of like saying there is more to yoga than the pants. Unfortunately in today’s society, a lot of people have placed a greater value on the pants over the experience. Life shouldn’t be about the stuff we own or accumulate, it should be about opening your mind and learning something new. It should be about immersing yourself within a new culture and stepping outside your comfort zone. Experiences don’t require “stuff”.

Karl and I always knew we wanted to travel the world and have been planning on doing this for some time now. (You can check out our Blog Post on how we saved to do it). But what we didn’t plan for was the challenge of getting rid of almost everything we own. For those of you who don’t know, we have decided to sell everything we own and plan on traveling the world with nothing more than what will fit inside our backpack.  Read More