6 Best Markets in Madrid

One of our favorite things to do when traveling to a new city or country is to explore the local markets. Besides enjoying the delicious food, visiting the local markets gives us a small glimpse into the culture of that city. We’ve spent the last 2.5 weeks in Madrid and stumbled upon 12 different markets (mercados). Here are the 6 Best Markets in Madrid: 

#1 Mercado de San Miguel

Mercado de San Miguel is by far the most touristy and famous market in Madrid, but it is worth a visit! It’s an indoor market but feels like an outdoor market because of it’s glass walls. This mercado sits in the middle of the city center close by the Sol Metro stop. Here, vendors sell anything from Sangria and Paella to ice cream and pizza. You will find lots of fresh fish, oysters, sushi, fruits and vegetables and everything in between. You will not leave this market hungry.

Sangria at Mercado de San Miguel

Located at Plaza de San Miguel (near Plaza Mayor)

#2 Mercado de San Fernando

Like Mercado de San Miguel, it has rows of vendors selling lots of different types of food. It’s an indoor market and a little off the beaten path in the Lavapiés neighborhood. This is nice because it’s less touristy and less busy than the Mercado de San Miguel. Even if you’re not in the mood for Spanish food, you can get some fresh produce and meat or some tacos and sushi. 

Mercado de San Fernando

Located in Lavapiés Neighborhood at Calle de Embajadores, 41, 28012

#3 El Rastro de Madrid

This outdoor flea market is not like anything I have ever seen before. It only takes place on Sundays and is located in the La Latina neighborhood. You won’t find any food vendors here. This market is all about stuff. Hundreds of vendors are selling clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, purses, furniture and even pet cages. If you need a hamster cage, a Mahou beer sign and a Real Madrid football jersey, this is the place to go! All of the products are very well priced but I would suggest going early because the streets become packed full of people. This was by far the largest market I’ve ever been to.

El Rastro Madrid

Located at Calle Ribera de Curtidores, 28005

#4 Platea

Platea is not your traditional fruits and vegetable type of market. It’s a hip renovated old theater decorated in an art deco style. It has three levels with multiple bars and food vendors selling tapas and pintxos. There is a restaurant on the bottom level. Food vendors and cocktail bars on the second level and the top floor has a balcony that looks over a stage. I would suggest to go early, grab a table and stay for the free show.

For Spain, it’s a little expensive, but you can still get a salmon burger tapas and three olive and cheese tapas for under €6. We ordered chicken wings with bbq sauce for only €6. Beer or wine are only €3. Cocktails were a little expensive at €10 but looked amazing. Overall, this market will not disappoint and this venue was like something I have never seen before.

Platea Market Madrid

Located at Calle de Goya, 5-7, 28001

Location: Calle de Goya, 5-7, 28001

#5 Mercado de San Ildefonso

Like the Platea Market, this is an indoor market with lots character. San Ildefonso is located in the trendy Malasaña neighborhood close to the city center. The market consists of three floors with a bar on each level. This a great place to go with friends. The first level has a burger joint and a craft brewery stand. On the second level, you’ll find about ten food vendors selling everything from pad thai and salads to beef kabobs and smoothies. Once you receive your food, head to the top floor to enjoy the beautiful terrace.

Mercado de San Ildefonso

Located at Calle de Fuencarral, 57, 28004

#6 Mercado de San Anton

This market is bit more upscale, located in the Chueca neighborhood near the city center. It’s a lovely building with a gorgeous terrace and an amazing view of the neighborhood. The front of the market has an organic food store with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can take the escalator up to the next level for tapas and pintxos or have a drink at the bar. And the third level has a fancy restaurant, La Cocina de San Anton, with a rooftop terrace. This market seemed newer, had a relaxed vibe and was very clean.

San Anton Market

Located at Calle de Augusto Figueroa, 24B, 28004

Overall, the markets in Madrid were incredible. The vibrancy and diversity of each market really speaks about the culture in Madrid. I would highly recommend making time to see the mercados the next time you travel to Madrid because they will not disappoint.

Let us know, what city has the best markets to you?

44 Comments on “6 Best Markets in Madrid

  1. I love local markets. There’s also great food to eat and amazing memorabilia at very affordable prices! The look of the markets you’ve mentioned above are very diverse and I’m sure they were a delight. Awesome post!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the nice comment and yes the Markets in Madrid were so much fun! Thanks again for the comment

  2. I love a good market! These ones look like you could spend days (or your whole trip) just going from market to market. I have yet to get to Spain, but it’s definitely on my list and I look forward to visiting Madrid.

    • Hi Theresa! All the markets in Madrid were a big surprise. I never thought there would be so many! And we didn’t even go to all of them. They were so very worth it! Yes! Go to Madrid! You will love it

  3. I love local markets too!! They are so much fun, El Rastro de Madrid sounds like the perfect spot for me, I love to shop!

    • Hi Diana! Thanks for commenting! Oh and yes it was a shoppers paradise! You should check it out!

    • Hi there! Thanks for the kind words and for sure put Madrid on your bucket list!

    • Hi Maria! Thanks for commenting and I know I could get lost there for weeks! Thanks again

  4. I really look forward to travelling to Madrid one day, your information on the markets is great. Thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Debbie! Thanks for commenting and I would defiantly add Madrid to your bucket list! It was amazing!

  5. Madrid is a City I’ve always wanted to go, I was very close to moving to Spain earlier this yea and it was a toss up between Madrid and Barcelona but unfortunately it didn’t happen. However I will still be going to travel at some point, I’ve bookmarked this for future reference

  6. This is a great share! I’m hoping to visit Madrid around May next year and would love to visit their markets to try the food. Did you have a favorite or one you recommend most?

    • Hi Edith! Thanks for commenting! We loved them all but our favorite would have to be Platea. The food and atmosphere was great. Plus, it has this cool and hip vibe. The stage with the band is super fun too! Defiantly check it out when your in Madrid. Also, check out our post about things to do off the beaten path when you’re there! We had so much fun there!

  7. Honestly markets are so cool in Spain, I was in the famous market in Barcelona and it was really great. then now looking at you details about this lovely markets in Madrid makes me want to go there now. I will surely keep an eye on this list. thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Lexie. Thanks for the nice comment. Yes! The markets are very cool in Spain and defiantly hit this post back up when your on your way to Madrid.

    • Hi Danielle! Thanks for the comment and I agree Platea was pretty amazing! I ate so much too and it was all worth it!

  8. Wow such an interesting post! I’m hoping to go to Spain and do the Camino one day, maybe I’ll check these spots out!

    • Hello Madison! Thanks for the comment. Spain is amazing and we’ve been hearing a lot about people hiking the Camino. In fact, we just heard all about it from a woman from Canada. It sounds like such a life changing and breathtaking event! Go for it! And stop in Madrid when you’re done! If you need any more convincing read our post about why we love it so much. http://www.audaciousduo.com/seven-reasons-love-madrid/

  9. Visiting markets is my absolute favorite thing to do in new places also! I mostly go for the food, but everything else is awesome too. The Platea market looks like the one I would enjoy the most. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Courtney! Yes! We loved Platea. Have you been to Madrid? If not you should make a special trip just for Platea! Haha It was that good!

  10. Great post, personally I always love checking out some local or flea market of the city I am visiting, especially I love to bring back some great stuff which I get from there

  11. Ohhh awesome! So many markets! I absolutely love going to them in different countries to try the local cuisine and experience the culture!

    • Hi Carlinn! Me too! Love love love!! Do you have a favorite market somewhere in the world?

  12. Thanks for sharing the post. Your post is a shopper’s delight. I liked San Ildefonso and would love to gulp down a few smoothies and kebabs!

  13. I agree that the local markets give you a glimpse into the city’s culture along with the delicious local food. I love surfing through the local markets. Your post is very interesting with great pictures. The markets you’ve mentioned are so diverse. Very helpful for someone visiting the city for the first time. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hi Shaily! Thanks for such a nice comment! And yes the markets were all so very different and this is what made it so fun to check them all out! Have you been to Madrid?

  14. I have been to Barcelona but not Madrid ! Your post dragging me to book my holidays for Madrid now

  15. Ooooh, I had no idea about Platea!! I’ve been to Mercados de San Anton, Fernando, and Miguel and did enjoy them, but Platea sounds very nifty and different. Lovely to have all the markets written up in one place! Will need to bookmark for future reference!

  16. I really love markets when I visit different countries, thanks for sharing this informative posts on Markets in Madrid, I did to know they have so many. I loved your photos and I can see already I would be spending a lot of money if I visit there. A way to see local cultures and products from different places. El Rastro de Madrid I think will be may fav one.

    • Hi there! YES! The Markets are so fun and I agree a great way to see local culture and products from around the world! We love markets! Thanks for reading!

  17. Madrid is one of those cities I have overlooked for some time but would really love to explore more of! These markets look amazing, would love to try some of the local dishes and wander around for hours! Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Katie! Yes you HAVE to go to Madrid! I feel like it’s very underrated!! Thanks for reading!

  18. I really look forward to trevaling to Madrid one day, your post is great! My husband was able to visit for 2 days only and he can’t stop taking about it since so I must take him back and visit these spots! Great post!

    • Hi Jordan! Thanks for the kind words and for reading! Yes go back to Madrid! It was soooo fun!

  19. Appreciate this info! If I get back to Madrid, I would love to check out these markets, especially Mercado San Miguel! Always nice to have good recommendations for paella and Sangria!

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