Ever since I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, ages ago, I’ve been intrigued by ashrams. If you read the book, you know Elizabeth is in a deep depression and existential crisis after a nasty divorce. She travels to Italy to eat, India to pray at an ashram and Bali to find love. When the opportunity arose for me to go to India, I thought this could be MY Eat, Pray, Love moment I’ve been searching for. Here’s my story about our visit to an ashram in India. Read More

India is a very interesting place. The markets in India are no different. Visiting markets in other countries (Spain for example) is one of our favorite things to do while traveling. You can learn so much about people and culture by what they buy and sell on a daily basis. India is a Beautiful Mess and the markets in India really highlight this concept. Every market we went to was buzzing, full of character, promise (of making a buck) and diversity. Take a peak of what we discovered…. Read More

India can be a real culture shock and that’s a huge understatement!!

First off, I believe everyone should travel to India at least once in their lifetime. This crazy magical country will change your life in so many ways. Here’s four strange and difficult things we witnessed while traveling through India. Read More