We’ve been in Spain for three weeks and it feels very different. In fact, it feels more different than any other country I’ve ever been to. We started in San Sebastian and have spent the majority of our time in Madrid. Madrid has surpassed all of our wildest dreams and has been incredible so far. Madrid is an underrated city especially when it gets compared to its rival city, Barcelona. To us, Madrid feels like home. Here’s seven reasons to love Madrid:  Read More

It’s not easy quitting your job for a life of travel. When you’re not on the road, it’s easy to have a routine and do things that are familiar. Life while traveling long term is very different. It has taken me many months before I felt comfortable with this mobile lifestyle. I’m still working on it but finding peace in the French countryside was not something I had expected to happen. Read More

This is a story of the six ways I learned to surrender on our first Workaway experience in France. In today’s society surrendering can sometimes be perceived at weakness. I believe the opposite to be true. It requires courage to let go of old thought patterns or ways of being. While in France, I learned to relinquish old beliefs; beliefs that no longer serve me and ones that will NOT help us as we journey to find our place in the world. Read More