We’re currently in India and I had my first encounter with the sacred Indian Elephant. During this encounter, I was able to get so close to the elephant, it actually sneezed on me. At first, one might think that would be really cool to get close enough to an elephant to get sneezed on. But on the other hand, it was crazy to think that I was able to get close enough to this giant creature to rub his trunk. This initial interaction had me perplexed and this is how my encounter with elephants in India began.  Read More

After thirty-eight hours of travel, five airports, four countries and five different airplanes, we finally made it to India. I have to admit before leaving on this trip, my anxiety was through the roof. We were leaving the comforts of the Western World for the unknown complexities of India.  This is a story of the Beautiful Mess that is India! Read More

I’ve spent the last three years of my life on a spiritual quest to heal pieces of my soul that have been broken. Before we embarked on this “trip of a lifetime,” I realized I was living my life on auto pilot. I was living like a robot; without much depth or emotion. Life wasn’t that meaningful. Soon after this realization, I began searching for more happiness, bigger love, better health and deeper connections. Read More