There is more to life than the stuff we own. It’s kind of like saying there is more to yoga than the pants. Unfortunately in today’s society, a lot of people have placed a greater value on the pants over the experience. Life shouldn’t be about the stuff we own or accumulate, it should be about opening your mind and learning something new. It should be about immersing yourself within a new culture and stepping outside your comfort zone. Experiences don’t require “stuff”.

Karl and I always knew we wanted to travel the world and have been planning on doing this for some time now. (You can check out our Blog Post on how we saved to do it). But what we didn’t plan for was the challenge of getting rid of almost everything we own. For those of you who don’t know, we have decided to sell everything we own and plan on traveling the world with nothing more than what will fit inside our backpack.  Read More

I turn thirty-five this year. This is also the same year I will retire from my Corporate job in Health Care to travel the world with my husband. Yep, that’s right, Im retiring at the ripe old age of thirty-five! When I first heard a friend and mentor of mine say she retired at the age of thirty-five, I probably had the same reaction as you; “That’s impossible!?! You can’t retire at the age of thirty-five?!?! How could you survive and pay your bills?!?!”

First off, who makes the rules and says we have to retire at a specific age or time in our life? Why do we have to wait until we’re done working to do what we really want to do? Secondly, as far as I know, everyone only gets one life to live and I believe you should live that life now and live that life to the fullest.

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Saving money is hard!! Saving money in the US is even harder!! Its especially hard when you’re bombarded with marketing and advertisements everywhere you turn. The question we had to ask ourselves was: Which would you prefer, the latest iPhone or iPad or would you rather travel to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity? This is the question Karl and I have pondered for years.  Read More